Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Big Chill

Have any of you guys or gals seen the movie, "The Big Chill"? It was an okay movie but it got me thinking. The movie was basically about life, death, friends, family, love, past, present, and future. During the movie music was used to show their emotions or how the scene needed to play out. It made me think of how I or we use music to mark our history.

For example, my first love. Everytime I hear the song, "99.9% Sure". I think about who I used to love. Or if I listen to the song, "You're So Vain" I think of a guy who broke up with me because he wanted everything to be about him. Then I listen to "Butterfly Kisses" and that is my dad and my song. 

We all have songs that mean something to us. We put music into our lives. It is is there to mark a great day, happy day, sad day, or just a great memory! 

Th movie "Big Chill" made me think of all of my friends, family, life and death. In the movie there is this scene where they are cleaning up supper and a great song just came on. They all start to dance to it. I have friends and family members that would do that in a heart beat. I know I dance and sing along with music! 

Music is there to heal us, make us believe in love, helps us get over a broken heart, let us vent, and just be there. 

The movie also talked about life and death. The whole movie is really about a friend killed himself and all of his college friends got back together for the funeral. It showed that they all moved along but took each day for granted. After the funeral it made life more precious. Not really life but friends and family. 

I know in today's world it is hard to realize that family and friends are more important then a lot of things. But without them you really wouldn't have anyone. You need your family and friends with you. You may not get along with your family but they are there for you, when you need them! Not every family is great but I want everyone to realize that there is family and friends out there for you! 

Seeing this movie tonight made me just think about family and friends. It also made me think that music is in my life and in a lot of other people's life too! I think the movie made me more appeciate of my friends, family, and music. Music is there for so many reasons. It doesn't matter what kind of music you like or listen to because it will always be there for you! 

I want you to just take a few minutes and think of moments where music has helped you out. Where it made a memory for you! Everybody can think of at least one song or some tune that helped them out. Not even helping them out but just making a memory for you! 

I will leave you with one of my favorite songs that I will always like and always listen to ....

Luey Armstrong, "What a Wonderful World"