Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Take your favorite Song and ...

First I want you to find your favorite song. Got it? Great now I want you to turn it on. Turn it up. Are you doing it? I want you to turn the volume up as loud as you can. Now, start singing or dancing with it. You can do either one or both at the same time.

Okay now after the song is done I want you to hear it again. No dancing or singing. I want you listen to the lyrics. Why is this your favorite song? Has this song changed for you? Is there a reason why it is your favorite song?

Now that you have done everything with your song. Doesn't music help you? Music is here to lift everyone up. To help them through the day or an event. Music is even there when somebody dies or you are sad. I watched an episode of my favorite show and they were talking about how music effects you. I agree with them.

Anyways, my week has been going great! I got a promotion yesterday. I get to stay here for a year now! I am a program staff now with everybody else! I am so happy!! Nothing else is going really. Oh I did work respite last weekend. That was so fun and it also got me ready for the summer season that will start after May 15th. Just to tell everybody I am coming home May 15th-May 16th. Hope I get to see everyone! Have a great day!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dorm Life

Hey Everyone,

Well my first week passed by with greatness! I don't know if I should use that word "greatness" or just use the word great! Either way my first week went flying by! I am glad too because I was scared that it would crawl by and I'd be waiting for the next day to begin and the next adventure to start. Well tomorrow begins with a new adventure and a new day.

Tonight I was walking down towards my room and it hit me, this reminded me of my college days. Just so much BETTER! I live in a dorm but with my own bathroom. I share a kitchen, washer and dryer with 8 other people, this is so COLLEGE!! Only now I am getting paid. Hmmmm, BETTER???? Yes I would say so! I am also doing something that I love. I can not believe that I have been here for two weeks now!! I will have pictures up soon so I can show everyone what has been happening here!! Have a great night and I hope it snows tonight!!! SNOW SNOW SNOW pllllleaaaasssseeee!!!