Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Camp Courageous

To Everyone:
If you don't know by know that I have a new job, sorry I've been pretty busy lately. I know live in Monticello, IA. I work at Camp Courageous as a Counselor. I just started the job yesterday! It feels like it is Friday but it is only Tuesday and I have done SO many things here! I left Bayard, NE on Saturday and arrived here in Iowa on Sunday. It is 11 hours away from Bayard and I didn't really want to drive here in 1 day! I broke the trip down to two days. It was great traveling here and I had no troubles getting here! I moved into my dorm Sunday night. My room looks BARE and EMPTY!!! I get my own bathroom and my own room!! I have to share the kithen with the other people working here but that isn't so bad. Right now I am learning the rules of Camp Courageous and where everything is. I have basically meet everyone here except for the ones that are gone on the Nashville trip. I will have pictures up as soon as possible. Nothing really else is going on right now. I am just hoping that this opporunity will turn into a year round job and more!

Just for your information Camp Courageous is a camp for disablity people, from the ages 0 to 105. The camp goes year round and travels to different places. Right now there are two counselors on a trip to Nashville, TN. Any questions about the camp you can go to the website: www.campcoureagous.org/

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The Benge News said...

Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you! Billie Jo