Friday, March 27, 2009

Training Week .... OVER

From Monday to Friday (today) was training week. Oh wow there was a lot of training that went on! I arrived in Monticello, IA Sunday afteroon, moved in that day, and the next day started training! Monday I think was the hardest due to not knowing where really anything was. I knew where the dorms was, the office, and the pool. We had breakfast, lunch, and supper served to use everyday except Friday night we didn't get supper due to ending about 3:30.

Anyways, I was ready to go Monday morning! I had breakfast and then went to the big meeting to meet everyone! After that we had training. I have done everything that included Burma Bridge, hike, Ropes Course, Inter Course, Arts & Craft, Gym games, Berimuda Triangle, cook-out, making ice-cream, and etc! I have been BRAVE!!! As some will know I am scared of heights, I did the burma bridge, rappeling, almost the zipline, I also did a fire but it didn't go up in flames as it should of, I went swiming, did the theraptic pool, and made new friends. Oh I hiked all the way to the cave and didn't go in IT!!! The cave was WAY to small for me! Well to my way of thinking!!!!!!

So far I really like working here! I have the weekend off and then I start off Monday with Campers. I am a little nervous but in an excited WAY!!!

Nothing else is really going on I just thought I would say pray for the Dizmay's Family for losing Dustin.

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