Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Season

Right now we are in summer training. We start summer season May 24th. So far everything is just a review. We have more counselors here now then we did for spring season. We have about 44 counselors all together. From now on I am know as a program specialist. My job doesn't really change but in the fall and winter time I will do more donating for camp.

Okay so much has happened since I wrote here last. I told you about my friend that had to get her appendix out. Two days later two other friends of mine came down with spastic colons. Then after that another friend came down with spastic colon. We were short staffed for a while. I was so scared that I was going to get sick but I didn't. I also haven't been sick since I got here. I have rehurt my knee but right now it is good.

Be for I forget, my Uncle Ron Milner died two weeks ago. Please pray for the family and his wife Mona. Thanks. Also thank you to the Dupeire's for praying for me and my family! For summer training we went out to the river and canoed. I got sunburned yesterday. I did put sunscreen on, I just didn't reapply it. Oh while I am thinking about it, I will have pictures up here soon. Hope everything is going well for everyone!

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