Saturday, May 23, 2009

First week of Campers

Tomorrow officially starts the first day of summer campers. I am so excited! I'm a little nervous but in a good way. I also think if you are not nervous then you are bored of the job. I'm not bored so that means I can be nervous!! LOL Anyways my group looks great. I can't give you really any details but I can tell you that it is adult week so I will be working with adults all next week and the week after it.

I am now officially trained in CPR/First Aid/AED, so if anyone gets hurt, has an heart attack, or is chocking I can officially save your life! Last week at training was pretty good. I met a lot of new friends. We now have about 42 summer staff. Some are from Iowa, Colorado, California, Michigan, and Nebraska! I am so excited that my state is represented with excellent people. My goal is that next year we have more campers from Nebraska! Next week is going to be busy I start work Sunday about 2:15 and work until Friday at 2:00. I then have about a 4 hour break until I help with respite. The respite is the weekend so I will be working over the weekend and start work again on Sunday. June 5-6 I am doing Med-Manager Class so I can pass out medicine to the campers. Oh before I forget I can now drive a bus. I don't remember if I mentioned it or not. I went and got my Chaffeour's License. I can drive a bus with 16 people or less. Also the bus can not have a lift in it. That way I can go on trips and help out driving the bus. There are two trips that I really, really want to go on. The first one is to Wisconsin Dells. It is an amusement park. I just really want to go due that I have never really went to Wisconsin before. The next trip that I really want to go on is the Cheyenne Trip. The trip is to go see the Cheyenne Frontier Days. One reason why I want to go is because I want to see the rodeo. I would also like to see my parents since the trip will be kind of close to my birthday. I guess if I get to go on any trip that would be awesome!

This weekend I really didn't do that much. Last night I went to the movies and out to eat with some friends. It was pretty cool. The movie we went to was The terminator. It had Christian Bale in it and some other actors and actresses. The terminator was basically a prequel to the other teminators that had Arnold Schwanger. (However you spell his last name. The governor of California now.) The movie was good. I wouldn't go out and buy it but it was pretty good. Today I really didn't do anything except dishes and read a book. I also saw the finale of One Tree Hill. It was good, sad but good. I'm really hoping that Hillarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray do not leave the show! It would be really weird without them! Well I think that is all for now. So I will be signing off and figuring out what to do with the rest of my night! Hope everyone is enjoying themselves and having a wonderful day!!

God Bless Everyone!


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