Sunday, August 30, 2009

Okay I just got done talking to one of my friends and I am sad, disappointed, and ummm. It makes me sad to think that two people who care for each other very much, can not get together. He is too stubborn and she does not have enough confidence to tell him how she feels. They both like each other very much but they both won't tell each other the truth.

It makes me think that if these two people can't be together or meant to be together. Is there hope for me? I am 25 years old now and haven't even had a boyfriend for a while! Am I to. to controlling of my feelings? Do I even show my feelings? I think I just get stuck on one person.

You see I think I love this one guy but I can't tell him. We haven't even dated. We were friends and then not and then we were friends again. Now I have no idea what we are. Due to we live so many miles apart. I know that God has someone out there for me but what if I blew that chance? How do we know if that chance came and I was too scared to do anything about it? What if I didn't even pick up the signs? Aggggggggggggggg

I just don't know anymore ....... I always say that I am fine without having a boyfriend but lately .. lately I wish I had someone to confide in ... To go out and have fun on a date ... to not look forward to my 26th birthday and see that I am alone again!!!

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The McCrumb 6 said...

Don't worry Elisha. You will find Someone. I am sure that there is someone out there for you. just keep your head held high